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So guess who's gotten into another show?

Me, thats who
All We Are | Hawkeye/Margaret

Golden Swan Fanmix

Golden Swan drabble


“You can admit it, ya know?” 

“Admit what?” he asked distractedly as he tried to look anywhere but where she stood leaning on his counter. She grinned teasingly, moving closer to him.

“That you missed me,” she breathed out. A smirk twitched coyly on the edges of her mouth. He stared at it, feeling heat inside him rising up. His eyes glanced up to catch hers. The glint in hers made his fingers tingle. He wanted to lean across to her, but he held his ground. He smirked at her, a little too forced and she knew it.

“I don’t know what you mean, dearie,” his voice was rough but he savored her light laughter as he continued to work. As a small smile secreted across his face, he felt something in him that had been missing the past month:


I have redone my page. I highly doubt that I'll put a lot of stuff here, maybe post videos, etc. If you really want to find me on here I usually post over in goldandemma.livejournal.com, but that's now members only.

I'm also on Tumblr alot: BundyShoes
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